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Does Anyone Long For Their Own Hand Sign More Than Oklahoma fans?

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OU fans don’t just want, they NEED a hand sign to call their own.

Since OU became OU, it’s no secret the have been OBSESSED with the hook’em horns sign. Some would even go so far as to say they envy it.

It doesn’t matter if OU is playing South Dakota, Alabama or Texas, OU fans will want to put a Horns sign upside down.

If an OU fan has a new born baby—get the infant a Horns down onesie ASAP they will tell their families!

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90 years later the infant will then grow up to look like this:

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Hell, even if OU fans are eating a fucking donut they long for it:

They will stop at nothing for a taste (no pun intended) of the Horns down hand sign.

But why? It’s a question that has weighed heavily on my mind and heart. It just makes no sense. It’s unoriginal but also confusing to onlookers when they see it being used when OU isn’t even playing Texas.

Most importantly though, I worry about OU fans bending their delicate wrists like that, as it has been known to cause injuries. For example, just last week Baker Mayfield was spotted doing the horns down:

And now Baker can no longer throw a football!

There’s just too much a stake. OU fans need their own sign. Luckily, there is a solution. Don’t thank me, thank this guy: