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Is Ehlinger Calling The Plays Now?

First of all, what a fucking play call. A touchdown on this drive seals the win, Ehlinger knew it and dialed up a beauty.

Can anyone really disagree either that he called that play. Why else would he tell Cosmi “That’s for protecting me every single day. I appreciate you”?

It’s not like Ehligner threw some massive block on the play. Clearly, he’s referring to giving Cosmi a chance at greatness. To become a legend and score the best touchdown by an offensive lineman in the history of football. Cosmi didn’t blow the opportunity either.

But if Ehlinger has the authority to call plays like this on such key drives, you have to wonder, has he been given the reigns to call all the plays now? It definitely seems to be the case.

The other possibility is he’s getting the majority of calls and/or every snap Herman is giving him 2-3 to choose from when he gets to the line of scrimmage.

How many other QBs in College Football are given the power to call the shots? I promise you not many. Which is just another reason why I have Ehlinger No. 1 on my big board:


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