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On The Scale From 1 To Sooner, How Dumb Is The @OUBarstool Account?

Ummmm, did @OUBarstool just blackout and forget Cryler Murray was actually the one who was shedding tears all over his microphone after last year’s ass whooping?

Rumor has it Cryler’s mic had to be taken away because people were worried the water from his tears would cause the mic to short circuit and blow up:

But I’ll give @OUBarstool the benefit of the doubt. That was a year ago. Maybe they truly just don’t remember?

I am suspicious though because Baker legit cried last night on MNF after going 0 TDs, 2 INTs and a passer rating of 13.4. How could they have already forgotten that?

So, what is it? Is @OUBarstool just dumb or are they liars?

It’s not my call to make. But if I were them, I’d probably worry about whether Norman, Oklahoma will have enough Kleenex for Jalen Hurts, rather than over/unders.

And for the record, I’m taking the under, so long as happy tears don’t count.


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