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The Lincoln Riley Rumors

With the Red River shootout just days away, rumors are swirling in regard to Lincoln Riley’s past. While I just don’t have the time or resources to address all of them, I have put together a list of the top 25 stories that have come across my desk. I cannot confirm or deny the validity of these stories but here they are:

1. Lincoln Riley refuses to eat his mom’s homemade cooked food.

2. Lincoln Riley believes there should be more Bird scooters.

3. Lincoln Riley takes five practice swings before hitting the golf ball.

4. Lincoln Riley once spent an entire summer following the Miley Cyrus tour around the Country. Apparently, his favorite song is Party In The USA.

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5. Lincoln Riley hates long walks on the beach.

6. Lincoln Riley doesn’t like queso because he finds the texture to be off-putting.

7. Lincoln Riley has a tramp stamp on his belly button (this one I can confirm):

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8. Lincoln Riley despises dogs and believes if you do get a dog it should be a full bred, and not from a shelter.

9. Lincoln Riley once called Kim Jong Un a natural born leader.

10. Lincoln Riley asked OU to pay him his salary in bitcoin.

11. Lincoln Riley doesn’t celebrate July 4th because he hates hamburgers, hot dogs, fireworks and a good time.

12. Lincoln Riley has never seen an episode of The Office.

13. Lincoln Riley doesn’t recycle.

14. Lincoln Riley’s high school girlfriend cheated on him with the cashier at Hot Topic.

15. Lincoln Riley refuses to turn his phone on silent while at the Movie Theatre.

16. Lincoln Riley doesn’t like the Popeyes chicken sandwich.

17. Lincoln Riley hands out raisins at Halloween.

18. Lincoln Riley’s go-to meal to bring on a plane is tuna.

19. Lincoln Riley wishes Marv and Harry caught Kevin in Home Alone.

20. Lincoln Riley uses a fork and knife to eat a banana.

21. Lincoln Riley prefers Burger King over Whataburger.

22. Lincoln Riley wanted the White Walkers to win in Game of Thrones.

23. Lincoln Riley has never replaced a toilet paper roll.

24. Lincoln Riley doesn’t say “bless you” after someone sneezes.

25. Lincoln Riley gets DiGiorno pizza delivered.


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