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Is Jason Garrett Being Targeted By Officials?

The Flag Off this past Sunday may be one of my favorite plays of the season so far. Two grown ass men aggressively throwing flags on the ground in disgust at one another will always make me smile.

Unfortunately though, it turns out this no laughing matter.

Ever since the Flag Off there’s been a lot of speculation the ref’s flag on Jason Garrett’s flag was unjust. Uncalled for. Unreasonable. People are saying the officials were targeting Jason Garrett. Some have even go so say as to say it’s because Jason has red hair?

I didn’t pay mind to the rumors though. Speculation is speculation. I got OU this weekend, I just don’t have time to defend JG and his ginger head.

But then these rumors became facts:

Aaron Rodgers literally “cussed out” an official and got a slap on the butt? What the fuck is that about?

Why wasn’t Aaron Rodgers not flagged for “abusive language” against an official.

How’s that fair? Because he has brown hair? I truly hope for the sake of the League that’s not the case, but it definitely has me wondering — was Jason Garrett being targeted by officials because he’s a ginger?