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Is This The Most Austin, Texas Video Of All Time?

A homeless man. Scooter. Prius. Some locals just chillin. You may not like it but this video exemplifies the current state of Austin. Only thing missing is some queso on the side.

It is sure to spark outrage though with people fed up with the homeless situation. I get it too. The homeless are living large right now. They’ve got better real estate than the majority of Austin.

However, how do we know the homeless dude wasn’t in the right here? Maybe he was casually scooting by and the Prius almost hit him? A little back and forth chirping ensued, next thing he knows he‘s in a head lock. When he finally came to he threw the scooter through the back of the Prius in order to distract the guy and get away aka self defense? Makes you think.

The video definitely leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Like how the hell did the car get up on the sidewalk?

Bottom line, this is exactly why you should never get out of your car if you find yourself in a traffic dispute. I promise you this, a lot of things may happen to me in this lifetime but I will never be late to writing a Take on a Wednesday morning because I got in a fight with a homeless man who then put a scooter through my back windshield. Just will not happen.

It’s also a pretty good reason why you should never drive a Prius. There’s just no way this is happening to a dude in a Tahoe, Truck or even a fucking Minivan.


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