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Shoutout Devin Duvernay

About damn time.

Outside of Ehlinger, Duvernay without a doubt has had the biggest impact on the Horns season.

When Colin Johnson and Jordan Whittington went down, a lot of people gave up on this team. Haters said we didn’t stand a chance with Ehlinher’s weapons depleted. Duvernay didn’t hear the noise though. He stepped the fuck up and has been lights out all season: 45 Receptions, 463 yards, 4 TDs and averaging 10.3 yards per catch.

The stats though just tell half the story, because they don’t account for Duvernay’s clutchness.

Last week in the WVU game, he was the sole reason we were able to stay in the game the first half. Ehlinger completed three third down plays in the first half alone by tossing it to Duvernay. Without those clutch catches, the game easily could have gotten out of hand real fast.

Now, with the biggest game of the season just days away, it was only right for Coach to acknowledge the impact Duvernay’s had on this team, on and off the field. Love to see it.

PS: Coach is getting fucking jacked!

Looks like he hasn’t missed chest day in a decade!


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