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Ezekiel Elliott Spotted Limping In Dallas Restaurant

At first glimpse, I thought no doubt Zeke was limping. Or at least real sore from Sunday’s game. At minimum he was waking around full from a big meal.

As I kept watching the video though the more and more it looked like a strut. By the fifteenth time I watched, I thought to myself — his balls really must be that big? Swag walk.

But is Zeke injured? No clue. I do think it‘s worth filing away and re-examining before taking Cowboys ML Sunday night against the Eagles.

Also, does anyone know what restaurant he’s at? If I had to guess between steakhouse, Mexican or burger joint, I think I’do go steakhouse. The American flag, mixed with the Cowboys pictures that look like they’ve been hung up since 1991, I think I’d be a fool to not think it was some old, local, classic steakhouse that serves a mean buttered up t-bone.