Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks Will Now Be Selling…..Milk?

Mavs.com: The Dallas Mavericks aim to provide fans with an entertaining and wholesome experience at every home game at American Airlines Center. And it doesn’t get any more wholesome than milk.

For the first time, the Mavericks will offer milk as a beverage option at their games and other events at American Airlines Center, entering into an official partnership with Dallas-based Borden, which will become the “official milk of the Dallas Mavericks.”

I will have a bag on peanuts, nachos, two pretzels, popcorn and Milk. 2% percent please. Ehhh actually do you have whole? Scratch that, 2% will due.

For real, what type of lunatic would order Milk at a fucking basketball game? And where did this idea come from? Basketball games have been being played for decades without Milk being sold in the stadium. Why now? Is there really a Milk demand amongst Dallas fans?

Of all the things you can add to concessions, White Claw, Gatorade, Weed, Cheez Its, Gushers, etc you’re going to choose Milk? There’s got to be a better product Mark Cuban has discovered on Shark Tank he could sell that would be better than Milk. For example:

But nope. Cuban has decided to die on the Milk hill. Which now officially makes Mavericks arena the most boring, quiet, yet healthy arena in the NBA.

You have to wonder though, what’s next for the Mavericks concession stands? Celery? Broccoli? Peas?

If I am a Mavs fan, this move has me very worried.