Dallas Mavericks

Is Boban Marjanovic A Locker Room Problem?

Wow. Just an incredibly fierce noogie by Boban here.

Mavs fans have to find it tough to watch their young, star player be manhandled for the world see and by his own teammate nonetheless.

What possibly could have Boban so riled up? After all, this is only a preseason game and Luka is just coming off a season ending surgery!

Could it be that Luka made fun of Boban’s new cowboy outfit?

For years, I’ve heard whispers across the league that Boban takes his fashion very seriously.

And that if you disrespect his fashion, he will disrespect you. That underneath his 7’ 3” frame is a man with a mean streak.

I couldn’t believe it though. He seemed too gentle. Too awkward. But clearly, I was wrong. A teammate on teammate noogie is about as mean and disrespectful as it can get. Which probably explains why Boban is on his third team in three years. Locker room problems.