Astros Houston

We’re Going To The Ship

With the Astros clinching the AL pennant on a walk-off Altuve BOMB, it’s hard to not think this Stros team may be the best team to have ever played Major League Baseball.

That’s not a joke either. We legit have four MVPs in Altuve, Bregman, Verlander and Cole. I would put those four up against any team. Era. Juiced. No juice.

There’s a lot people who would say Verlander and Cole are the best one-two punch to have ever pitched. Like these ladies:

And quite frankly, I agree.

There’s also people who would argue Altuve and Bregman are the best two hitters to be paired together in the same lineup.

I would agree with that as well.

Bottom line, it feels good to be back in the World Series. Taking a year off was harder than I had expected.