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Has There Ever Been A Worse Use Of Timeouts In The History Of Timeouts?

I’ve seen a lot of coaches use timeouts way too early in the game. Leaving their team struggling to get out bounds or having to waste a down spiking the ball. But I have NEVER, NEVER seen worse situational awareness than this.

It’s a night game. He knew that going into the day. Fuck, he probably knew it all week. He also knew she’d be drinking. He knew he’d be drinking too. It’s Kansas after all. Yet, he somehow managed to burn through all his timeouts?!

Judging by the way this girl doesn’t even skip a beat at his timeouts, tells me the dude probably used all of them while still at the tailgate. If I had to guess, he didn’t even have a timeout left by kick-off.

Bottom line, he’s got to be better. Both on and off the field.


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