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If This Video of Jose Altuve Doesn’t Make You Cry Then You’re Just A Cold, Dark and Horrible Person

This video is just another reason why there’s not a single player more fun to root for in all of professional sports than Jose Altuve.

I’ve heard the analogy before that Altuve’s a real-life Rudy. Personally, I think that’s dumb. Yeah, they are both undersized guys, who no one believed in, that worked their asses off to fulfill their dreams. But Rudy sucked at football. He also was probably off-sides on the one tackle he did have.

Altuve is a Major League Baseball MVP. He’s no walk on or practice squad player. He’s a World Fucking Champion and he has worked himself up from a $16 THOUSAND a year contract to now being two years into a seven-year, $163.5 MILLION contract. Pretty sure Rudy’s probably still working in his family’s shitty factory back in Indiana.

Jose Altuve exemplifies what “livin the dream” is all about and has given everyone a road map on how to get there: Hard work. Determination. Passion. Love. Generosity. Fun.

Oh, and singing Backstreet Boys on the reg:

And having sick dance moves:


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