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Ricky Williams’ Heisman Trophy Sells for A Record Breaking Amount At Auction

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Ricky may be retired but the dude is still setting records because his 1998 Heisman Trophy just sold at auction for $504,000, breaking the previous record of $435,763 set by Tim Brown’s 1987 Heisman trophy sold last December.

Ricky of course earned the Heisman the season he set the then-NCAA career record with 6,592 yards rushing, surpassing Tony Dorsett on this legendary run:

The $504,000 amount will surely stand the test of time as Williams’ Heisman was the last one awarded before trophy winners were required to sign an agreement forfeiting the right to sell it. Cannot imagine Johnny Manziel was happy about this agreement.

Now, a lot of people will probably think Ricky sold his Heisman because he’s in financial trouble and needs the money. Honestly, I don’t think that’s the case. Besides the fact he made a shit ton of money in the his 12 year NFL career, he’s a regular analyst on Longhorn Network which has to bring in good, steady money. Plus, if you know anything about Rickie, you know he does give much weight to material items.

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Personaly, I think Ricky probably had the Heisman in some cardboard box in his garage and said fuck it, I might as well sell it, have a little extra cash, while also making some hardcore Texas fan happy. That’s just the type of guy Ricky is.

Also, do you know how much weed you can buy with $504,000. A lot.

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Image result for ricky williams marijuana

PS: Cannot imagine how much weed these two have smoked together over the years #TBT



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