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Does Mattress Mack Need To Chill The Fuck Out?

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Jim McIngvale — aka “Mattress Mack,” the famed Houston furniture store owner, has now bet more than $10 million on the Astros to win the World Series since the start of this month. This includes the bets he placed just today when he flew to New Jersey to put down another $1.05 million in bets on the Stros, betting 300,000 at +210 on Astros win the World Series (would net $630,000) and $500,000 at -140 on tonight’s game (to net $357,142).

Here is the break down of his pending bets:

Mattress Mack’s World Series Bets


Just an unreal amount of money to bet in a single month. Honestly, it makes me feel like a pussy for sweating being down $1k to my Bookie. Mattress Mack probably has $1k sitting under his mattress (pun intended).

Either way, I’m not saying Mattress Mack needs to chill out on his betting because I’m worried about his finances or gambling problem. I could care less how this rich mother fucker wants to spend his money. Also, he’s apparently making these bets as a partial hedge on promotions he’s running at his furniture stores, which will refund $20 million in purchases if the Astros win the title.

The reason I want Mack to chill out is because as a guy who has spent the majority of his life being a degenerate gambler, I’m all to familiar with the gambling gods and how they work.

When you are down, but keep betting hoping for a bail out, you will lose. Every. Fucking. Time. You may get lucky short term and win a minor bet, like Game 3 tonight, but over all you will lose and have to pay the man.

By Mack going back and putting down more money every time the Astros lose, like he’s done the past two games, he is going to personally cause the Stros to blow the World Series. And for what? Because Mack likes the attention and press he’s getting from losers like Darren Rovel and ESPN with these massive bets?

Just stop, Mack. Chill out, sit back on your most fancy mattress, have some peanuts, watch the game and for the love of god STOP BETTING.



  • Dear ‘Horn Boy,

    Please be aware that your whipping boy, Mattress Mack, was once upon a time on your University’s football team.

    Just sayin’ ….

  • Us Northeasterners are sick and tired of this guy’s bullshit. It’s so obvious but Texans are blind as fuck. No matter what, he wins. Because he buys goodwill through “charity” when in fact it’s all a cheap publicity stunt. Amazing how “charitable” he’s being he never loses money. He just keeps raking it in, and he’s got a loyal army of rubes who buy this “he’s a legend” routine. He’s playing you. You don’t become a multi millionaire from being a good guy, folks.

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