Astros Houston

Houston Astros Secret Weapon?

The Astros are on a roll after a dominate 8-1 win Saturday and then following it up with a 7-1 masterpiece last night.

That makes it three straight wins for the Stros and just one more win away from taking home the Ship — which has everyone asking, what’s been their secret to success over the last three games?

Is it Cole? No

Verlander? No

Altuve? No

Bregman? No

Bergman’s shirt? Boom.

The last three games Bregman has arrived to the stadium sporting this red flannel and jeans fit:

After going 3-0 in those games, he’s not taking any chances and will in face be busting it out again for Game 6 on Tuesday.

Can you really blame the guy either? I mean if I was ever able to do this in my lifetime, I‘d never change my wardrobe again and that includes my underwear: