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Is This The Best High Five In The History Of High Fives?

Ladies and gentlemen, pay very close attention and be sure to take down notes because that right there is a textbook high five. You can’t coach it. It’s a gift. It’s talent. Above all, it’s chemistry that can only be developed between a catcher and pitcher working together as unit all season.

I know haters are out there screaming from the rooftop that Verlander and Chirinos need to act like they’ve been there before. That they shouldn’t get so pumped over a Game 5 World Series win.

Well, as usual the haters are a bunch of idiots.

You see, Verlander and Chirinos are not getting excited over just the win. Sure, a World Series win is always nice. But, what they are really high fiving about is the realization that they‘ll now have the opportunity to close out the World Series together in Game 6. That the ball, the season, the Ship and their place in baseball lore will now be in their gloves Tuesday night.

When you get the chance to close out a World Series in front of your hometown crowd and super model wife, you put on a masterpiece high five display for the world to watch. Simple as that.