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Would Urban Meyer Really Come To Texas?

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First of all, I think Bob Ballou nailed his take this morning and I definitely agree:

Herman’s coming off a 10 win season and Sugar Bowl victory, yet the entire fan base wants to jump ship after a rough October? I get we want Championships and want them NOW but at some point we’ve got to learn to weather the storm because constantly making leadership changes will never get Texas back on the path to Championships.

HOWEVER, with rumors swirling that Urban Meyer’s itching to coach again and schools like USC and Notre Dame being tossed around, it would be irresponsible for AD Chris Del Conte to at minimum not pick up the phone and call Urban to gauge his interest in the UT job.

Make no mistake about it, Urban can coach football and can do so better than almost anyone on the planet. The only current coaches I’d rank higher than him would be Saban and Belichick. I mean the dude has a career record of 186–32 in his tenure at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State with national titles at Florida in ’06 and ’08, as well as at Ohio State in ’14. So, if he truly is interested in coaching again, I think every school other than Bama and LSU would be doing their school a disservice by not inquiring.

Now, if we did offer him a deal similar to what we tried to offer Saban ($100 million), would Urban be interested? It’s hard to believe he wouldn’t be interested in $100 million dollars and being the head coach at the number 1 school in the country. If that is the case, Herman’s got to go, right?


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