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BREAKING: Deshaun Watson Is Forced To Cancel His “Play Ball” Call Before Tonight’s Game 7

Last night it was announced Deshaun would be handling the “Play Ball” duties for tonight’s Game 7. Which in my opinion was an awesome move by the Stros because quite frankly no one on this planet is better equipped to handle the “Play Ball” call than the actual play caller of our city.

But just a few minutes ago, this report surfaced:

Obviously, it’s no shocker Deshaun hurt his eye on this play in last week’s game:

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What is shocking is the severity of the injury. That Deshaun can’t even be under the lights to yell out two words before the most imporant game in the history of Houston sports ? Damn.

But with the Game 7 just hours away now, there’s just no time to worry. This is a true next man up situation. So, who should replace him? My suggestions:

1. Hakeem Olajuwon

2. Yao Ming

3. Mattress Mack

5. Beyonce

6. Nolan Ryan

7. Roger Clemens

8. DeAndre Hopkins

Or just have Jose Altuve walk the fuck out there and do it him damn self. Power move.