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Rate DeAndre Hopkins Halloween Costume

DeAndre Hopkins is officially winning both on the field and off the field because this is without a doubt a 10/10. Best Halloween costume of the year.

The commitment. Flare. Pizazz. Creativeness. Attention to detail. Incredibly big hands and ridiculously long fingers. It’s what makes DeAndre Hopkins a great costume designer and an even greater receiver.

Just this past Sunday, DeAndre officially became the third-youngest player in NFL history to reach 8,000 career receiving yards, only Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and Randy Moss did so at a younger age. Then he immediately goes out the following Tuesday and busts out this costume? Just incredible work ethic out of DeAndre.

PS: Does anyone love dressing up like imaginary blue characters more than DeAndre, this is his Halloween costume from last year:

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