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What I Got Matthew McConaughey For His 50th Birthday

Oscar winning actor, professional sports owner, Professor, Minister of Culture and Austin legend, Matthew MothaFuckin McConaughey turned 50 today.

There’s probably not a cooler 50 year old on the planet than McConaughey. Which makes trying to find him the perfect birthday present nearly impossible. What do you get a guy like that?

But as luck would have it, McConaughey took to twitter to specifically ask for one bday present and one bday present only:

That’s right, he asked for a follow on the Gram.

There’s not a lot of things I’m sure of in life but I do know if Matthew McConaughey comes to you on his birthday and asks for you to follow him on Instagram, you follow him on Instagram.

So, here you got Matthew. Glad we at @houseoftakes Instagram (a must follow account) could help make your birthday a little more special:

But to really show you are appreciation and respect for all things McConaughey, we wanted to go a step further. After all, you only turn 50 once.

That’s right, we liked your first pic too:

Boom! You’re welcome. See you at DKR this Saturday!


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