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Dear Cancer, Fuck You. Sincerely, Andrew Jones.

Give Andrew Jones all the ESPY Awards. Best Game. Best Individual Performance. Best Comeback. Best Breakthrough Athlete. Best College Athlete. Best Viral Sports Moment. Best Upset. Give Andrew Jones all of them. Because that was the best sporting event you will ever witness.

Just a giant fuck you to cancer.

There’s no bigger dickhead on this planet than cancer and Andrew Jones just whooped it’s ass for the world to see.

When AJ was diagnosed, he was just 19 years old. His career, hopes, dreams and life all put in jeopardy. Nothing could have been more scary and devastating.

He wasn’t just an a average college athlete or role player before he was diagnosed, he was an absolute stud.

As a true freshmen (2017-2018 season) he averaged 11.4 points per game and could have turned pro the following year. However, AJ opted to return to UT for his sophomore year to help increase his draft stock. He picked up right where he left off; increasing his scoring average, increasing his shooting percentage by 10 percent and increasing his three point percentage average from 32.8% to 46.3%. But after just playing ten games, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

AJ didn’t shy away from it though. He stared death right in the face.

“The disease cancer has always been my biggest fear. I really had to face my fears. I’ll be optimistic. It’s not my time yet.

Throughout the entire process he constantly posted updates on his social media and even attended games and practices.

I would like to think I’d have that same type of courage and strength, but unfortunately I probably would just seclude myself in a dark room, binge watch Netflix and maybe live tweet The Bachelor on Mondays. I mean I sprained my ankle in September and essentially haven’t gotten off my couch since.

But AJ isn’t me. He fucking battled and he won.

In the first game of the season and his first game back since his diagnosis, he went OFF for a career high of 20 points on 4/5 from three point range. Absolutely crazy. Especially considering the fact he was still doing chemo in September!

We’re all witnesses. Thank you for the inspiration on a casual Tuesday night, AJ!


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