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Texas Tech Student Section Comes Up Huge

Back in August, Texas Tech student Rylee Albracht shot his shot, asking Tech’s Head Basketball Coach Chris Beard to officiate his wedding.

Honestly, what better way to convince your new fiancé that she’s making the right decision marrying you than getting Coach Beard to officiate your wedding? Power move city, population the Groom.

But it turns out Coach Beard wanted something more than retweets:

Solid negotiation here by Coach Beard. Because no way 4,500 Tech students on a Tuesday night will turn out for a Tech v. Eastern Illinois game. Or will they?

Boom! Honey butter chicken biscuit’s all around!

Tonight, love wins and Tech wins (85-60). A hell of a Tuesday! Congrats to the Albrachts!

Oh and to all the single ladies out there still lookin for love, I got just the guy for you:


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