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Dez Bryant Officially Announces His Comeback

There‘s no doubt the Cowboys are on the list of teams Dez will reach out to. Just zero chance they aren’t. After all, Dez still lives in Dallas.

But will the Cowboys take the call? From a football stance, haters will say it’s too risky picking him up and not knowing where he’s at athletically after essentially two years off from the game. Which is fair. But ask yourself haters, does this look like a man who doesn’t have anymore gas left in the tank, like a man who isn’t ready to put up 10 catches, 160 yards and 3 TDs on any given Sunday:

Sure doesn’t to me!

Plus, if I know one thing about Jerry Jones, it’s Jerry is all showbiz baby. The X back in a Cowboys uniform would be must watch. I know it, you know it, Dez knows it and Jerry sure as hell knows it.

But even if Dez doesn’t end up with the Boys, it’s good to see he’s healthy and doing well. I love too that Dez doesn’t have an ego or expectations about being a starter. He just wants to contribute and play ball again.

Just PLEASE do not go to Phily, New York or Washington and cause me to hate you for the rest of our lives, Dez.