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Rate The New “Eyes Of Texas” ft Gucci Mane

Yup, Texas is officially back again.

There’s just no way we don’t win out the rest of the season after Gucci lays down a track like that on national TV.

Now, I’m not sure what Gucci is calling the song but I’m going to go ahead and declare it “The Eyes Of Gucci Are Upon Us” and if we don’t play it at least twice at DKR this weekend we’re going to have a lot bigger problems than our shitty defense.

Official score: 9.9/10. Only reason I can’t give it a 10/10 is Gucci went with a red suit. Huge miss by Mr. Gucci Mane. Got to be smarter and go burnt orange suit here if you want the 10/10. Nonetheless, a fire song that is sure to be an instant classic.


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