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Not Everyone Loved Dicker’s Pregame Fit

So Dicker wore this little number yesterday before the game. Obviously, I loved the look. Absolute fire fit that just screams sex. I figured everyone agreed. Just couldn’t imagine a person in the world who sees Dicker here and doesn’t stop dead in their tracks to say, “stunning.”

But then I saw this tweet:

Look, Boyer is a legend. The dude was a Green Beret, UT football player, and NFL player. I respect his opinion. But that’s just a bad take.

This is fashion. It’s meant to provoke. To turn heads. Raise eye brows. And personally, I want my kicker to be confident and fashionable.

If Ehlinger or another captain were to go to Dicker and tell him to button it up and tighten the tie, I think it would mess with his head. Plus, this UT team has nothing to lose at this point, they might as well be loose and have a little fun.

Clearly, it working too because Dicker went on to kick the game winner yesterday, his second game winner in the last three games.

And when you’re kicking game winners week in and week out you can wear whatever the fuck you want. Now, roll the tape:



  • Sicker did not walk out in public like this with the team. They entered the stadium and he started undressing before they entered the locker room. This was taken by the Longhorn Network right before they entered the locker room. Sicker addressed this post game. LHN thought it would be cute for everyone to think he walked out in Longhorn Blvd with the team like this but that is not what happened.

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