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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Disgruntled ex-Astros Player Who Accepted A 2017 Astros World Series Ring And Then Later Claimed The Astros Were Cheating In 2017?


Yes, that is exactly what this looks like. Because on July 14, 2018 Mike Fiers had zero issues receiving his 2017 World Series Ring and smiling big for the cameras. Fast forward a year and a half later and he’s now going around to anyone who will listen disparaging the Astros good name.

So let me ask you this, Mike — if what you’re saying is true about the Astros, then why the fuck did you take the ring that day? What gives, Mike? Are you just pissed the Astros got rid of your sorry ass? Maybe you’re a compulsive liar? A hypocrite? Or just trying to watch the world burn? Could it be a combo of all of those? I’m honestly not really sure. But here is what I do know, just because Mike is a cheater doesn’t mean the Astros are: