Houston Rockets

James Harden Guarantees The Rockets Win The Championship This Season

Love it. In a day and age where players are too scared to make guarantees at the risk of the outcry or social media backlash they’ll receive if proven wrong, it’s good to see there’s still old school mentaility players out there like Harden.

And make no mistake about it, Harden is at old school as it gets. You think Harden gives a shit about this millennial “load management” bullshit:

Nope. Harden goes out and competes every fucking night and will drop 47 points on your sorry ass even if he’s got the flu. Example, last night:

Harden’s also willing to talk shit and make guarantees because he knows very damn well he can back it up on the court:

And to the haters who still want to say he’s a one way player who doesn’t dare to play defense, please explain this video to me haters:

Is stealing the ball from a two time Finals MVP good? Seems like it to me. Also, while I have you here haters, can you please do some light lip reading for me: