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Rate The New DKR South End Zone “Longhorn Patio”

I think I like it? However, I may have to wait to see it in person and fully constructed before I can give it my official rating.

I will say this though, not giving Bevo any ears seems like it could be a problem. Because I do agree, it looks to be dangerously close to this description:

And spending millions of dollars to construct a giant burnt orange uterus patio would be a tough look. Do we really want to be known as the Uterusity of Texas?

Personally, I’d rather see UT spend their money on this for DKR:

I could at least enjoy that, because I definitely can’t afford the Bevo/uterus seats that are apparently going for an initial $20,000 per seat + $4,000 year per seat (food and beverage is included). Some though are calling the seats priceless?

Unofficial rating: 8.1/10


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