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Would You Rather Have Jason Garrett Or Myles Garrett On Your Team?

It’s a tough time to be a Garrett. No doubt about it. But as tough as it is to be those guys right now, it’s got to be 10x as shitty for the teams employing them. So, who has it worse, the Browns or Cowboys?

If you’re the Browns you have a lot invested in Myles. Afterall, he was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 draft. He’s been far from a bust too. In 35 career NFL games he’s put up 102 tackles and 30.5 sacks. Obviously, those are ridiculous numbers.

But on the other hand, trying to murder a player on National TV is just a horrible look. One that not only embarrasses your entire franchise and city but will probably end up getting you suspended the rest of the season. Wasting money, time and energy on a player who isn’t even allowed to play a snap of football for the remaining season is no position a franchise wants to be in.

Also, don’t forget Myles is an Aggie and do you really want Aggies to infiltrate your football team? Definitely something to think about.

However, you could also argue the Cowboys are equally invested in Jason. They’ve stuck by his ginger ass for TEN fucking years. To get rid of him now would be admitting to the world you made a 10 year long mistake. Swallowing your pride and admitting that would not be easy. Especially for Jerry. The backlash he’ll receive from the fanbase is sure to be brutal.

If you look at production, Myles clearly has Jason topped. Because in those ten seasons, Jason has produced disappointing season after disappointing season, with a total of 2 playoff wins. Yikes. Maybe I’m biased but I think I rather have a player on my team who although may kill someone, will at least give me production and not another 8-8 season. Thoughts?