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Who Not To Blame

Saturday’s loss officially put the exclamation mark on “Texas Is Not Back!”, ending any realistic chance we had at making it to the Big 12 Title Game. The writing was actually probably on the wall after the TCU loss but like most burnt orange bleeding fans, I secretly had hope we could turn it around with key defensive players coming back from injuries. Unfortunately, that optimism window closed nice and tight on Saturday when Iowa State kicker Connor Assalley drilled the game winning field goal as time expired.

Now, with our biggest win of the season coming over an unranked Kansas State team, I think it’s safe to say this season has been a bust. Which of course makes the blame game all the rage amongst UT fans. Is it a Coach Herman problem? Coach Orlando? Discipline? O-line? Injuries?

Honestly, I think it’s a mixture of all of it. But here is who I definitely can say without a doubt is not the problem: SAM FUCKING EHLINGER.

The dude has absolutely balled out this year. With two games still left to play (3 if you include a bowl game) he is on pace to shatter all of last season’s stats:

2018: 3,123 YDs, 25 TDs, 5 INTs and 418 rushing YDs.

2019 (with three games left to play): 2,914 YDs, 27 TDs, 8 INTS and 428 rushing YDs

Off the field he’s also been what any fan or coach dreams of, pure class. There’s been a lot of times throughout this season Ehlinger could have easily pointed to the O-line or shitty, redundant, lack of urgency play calling but he’s refused to do it. He mans up, owns the loss, straps it back up and puts on for his city. Each and every week. Nothing made that more clear than his presser Saturday:

Fresh off a last second loss, one that for all intensive purposes ends the season, he could have gone off. Or like the rest of us, played the blame game. There’s a lot of times in that press conference where you think he may do just that. But he never does. That’s why he’s our captain and will continue to be so. Any hater that honestly tries to say next year’s QB1 position should be an open competition, well, Ok, Cool. Hook’em.


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