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Bill Belichick Wanted To Be The Cowboys Head Coach But Jerry Never Made The Call

With the Cowboys and Patriots facing off this Sunday, I guess Jerry decided to go deep into his story vault? Just an all time little tidbit from Jerry on a casual Tuesday morning in November. I honestly don’t think he’s ever told it before today? For good reason too, because it is a complete day ruiner for any Cowboys fan out there.

To set the scene, in 1996 the Browns had fired Belichick at the end of the season. That same year, the Cowboys capped off their dynasty, winning a 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years, though the 1st with Barry Switzer as the head coach. The other two Super Bowl wins of course came with Jimmy Johnson before Jerry notoriously fired Johnson at the end of the ’94 season.

So, to Jerry’s credit bringing in Belichick in ’96 would mean he’d have to fire his 2nd Super Bowl winning head coach in a matter of 3 years. Obviously, a tough thing to do but in hindsight clearly the right move. Because since ’96, Belichick has gone on to win SIX Super Bowls, and the Cowboys have struggled to do anything in the playoffs, not even putting two postseason wins together since the ’96 Super Bowl run.

What does make this a bad look for Jerry is when the Cowboys did finally let go of Switzer in ’98, Belichick was an assistant coach for the Jets. Jerry could of and should of made the call then. But Jerry didn’t. Instead, Jerry opted to hire Belichick’s mentor, Bill Parcells. The rest is history as Belichick has gone on to be the greatest coach of all time with the Patriots and Cowboys fans have been looking at this 2 playoff win ginger the last 10 years:

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