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Bill Belichick Goes Off On Dak Prescott

Bill, keep your pants on man! Sheesh!

High praise for the Boys QB1 from GOAT Belichick. However, Bill didn’t earn the GOAT title from being an idiot. You have to wonder, is Bill going off on Dak run deeper than just a man who is impressed with Dak’s skill set. Is this really Bill subtly poking his nose into Dak’s contract negotiations?

If you’re Dak, you can’t mind this open love letter from the best coach to have ever coached. Obviously, not a better endorsement to have when you’re fighting to be the highest paid QB in the league. But if you’re Jerry Jones, not so much. Because do not think for a second this doesn’t worry Jerry that Bill will somehow swoop in and steal Dak if a deal doesn’t get done by the time he hits free agency. Or maybe Bill actually doesn’t think Dak is that good but just did this to get Jerry to overpay Dak and lock him to a crazy 10 year contract? Mind games.

Your move, Jerry.