Houston Rockets

Russell Westbrook Brother Tried To Fight The Clippers’ Players After Last Night’s Game

YahooSports.com: The brother of Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook was escorted out of Staples Center because of his role in a heated verbal confrontation with Los Angeles Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell and for “rushing the court” at the end of Friday night’s game, security officials told Yahoo Sports.

“He rushed the court,” a security official told Yahoo Sports. “He was in clear violation”

The incident took place after the final buzzer of the Clippers’ 122-119 victory over the Rockets.

There was some distance between the two until Raynard Westbrook, the younger brother of the Rockets’ star, stepped on the court to continue the banter, and arena security cut off his path and directed him off the court. Raynard and Harrell then participated in an intense back and forth as both teams were headed to the locker room.

While continuing the verbal sparring, Raynard was moved along the seats behind the basket closest to the Clippers’ bench before being asked to exit the arena. Raynard complied and walked out with the assistance of security personnel with no further incident.

“I ride for my team and my city,” Harrell told Yahoo Sports about the incident. “All I care about is who’s on my team. And we won. That’s all that matters.”

If you love the dramatics, last nights Rockets v. Clippers game was just the show for you. Fights, tears, family drama, heartache and Beverley being back on his bullshit:

All of this led up to a last second, would be game winning 3 pointer by Westbrook:

Beverley, being the Busch league pest he is just wouldn’t shut up about the miss and Westbrook of course took exception to it:

Most likely, the back and forth between Russ and Beverley is what eventually led to Westbrook’s little bro and Harrell getting into it. But I love this move by Raynard. He knew Russ couldn’t do anything without an ensuing fine or suspension coming down, so he took matters into his own hands. Power Move City, Population The Westbrook Family. However, although it was a badass move by Raynard to stick up for his big bro, he’s got to be thankful security got in the way because a 6′ 7″, 240lb, Harrell would have destroyed his ass.