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Me and Sam Ehlinger Had Our First Fight

Yes, Sam. You‘re right. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But they sure as hell had made some progress by year three. The Romans also didn’t say “We’re baaaaaaack!” after year two of building.

So, hand up, this comment pissed me off.

There’s a lot I don’t know in this world but I do know I‘ll never feel good about a 7-5 season. In fact, it’s not even that I won’t feel good about it, it will crush my burnt orange soul. It’s not just me either, it’s Bevo too:

I’m not sure when the players or coaching staff stopped expecting 10 wins or Championships. But I know as a fan I don’t just expect it, I need it. Anything less will always leave me disappointed. This is the fucking University of Texas. We cannot and should not become complacent with mediocrity. There’s too much pride on the line.

However, at the end of the day it’s Thanksgiving. Spilling drinks, overcooking the turkey and fighting with family is just part of it. So, let’s move on and be better next year, Sam. A hell of a game yesterday. The season was a bust, yet you strapped it up and fought the good fight. Respect.

Update: Ehlinger looks to be walking back/clarifying his comments:


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