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Jerry Jones Refuses To Guarantee Jason Garrett Will Be Back With The Cowboys Next Season

Incredible. Jerry is 77 fucking years old but make no mistake about it, he still has his trolling fastball. Do not think for a second he didn’t know exactly what he was doing here by saying “in the NFL” rather than “in Dallas.” Mind games like you read about.

But why? To keep Garrett on his toes? Or perhaps motivate the team to keep fighting for him? Maybe with the reports last week that the Giants were interested in hiring Garrett, Jerry is just having some fun and playing into those rumors? Either way, just an incredible troll job from the No. 1 troll in sports.

At the end of the day, Dallas is still leading the division and with the team basically fully healthy this late into the season, it would be shocking if they weren’t able to lock down a playoff spot. But will that be enough for Garrett to keep his job? Probably not. And clearly Jerry isn’t willing to make that promise. To me, I think the writing is on the wall, Garrett keeps his job is if the Boys make it to the Super Bowl. Anything less than that, we’re probably looking at Lincoln Riley or Urban Meyer in blue and silver next sesaon.