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Does Sam Ehlinger Own A Gum Empire?

I’ve seen Ehlinger post about REV gum before but I never really knew what it was about. Honestly, I was going to blog about it a while ago but got worried he was getting paid to post about REV and I didn’t want to say anything in fear he was violating NCAA rules. Clearly though I was wrong. Because he definitely isn’t getting paid to post about REV. He is REV.


I love gum. Chew it anytime I get the chance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone pull out a pack and not asked for a piece. And now we have Ehlinger adding caffeine to it?!

Incredible. I’ll take two! Nope. Make it three!

I love that my QB1 is staying competitive on and off the field. And not a better time to come up with a genius business idea than when you’re the QB1 at the University of Texas. You now have an entire state wanting to chew REV while they watch you play on Saturdays. You also can get Governor Abbott to post about your business plan to his twitter and IG:

And former teammates like NFL player Andrew Beck:

More importantly, he even has me talking about REV on (Sam, if you’re reading this lets talk ad deals. @houseoftakes)

I will say this though, $36 is pretty steep for a pack of gum:

But chewing the gum your QB1 chews, PRICELESS.


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