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Texas, We Have An Offensive Coordinator Problem

Texas has made it very clear who their offensive coordinator candidates are and the list is short: Joe Brady and Graham Harrell.

Now, from what I’ve been told there is no doubt Graham Harrell 100% wants the job. He and his wife are both Texas born and raised and their families all live here in Texas as well. Coaching at UT would be a dream come true for him and is definitely not an opportunity he would pass up.

But Texas still hasn’t made him a formal offer yet. Why? Because Joe Brady is our No. 1 choice. However, Brady won’t give us his answer until LSU’s season is over. And while the chances are small Brady will jump ship to Texas, as LSU is likely to match any offer he receives and in addition make him the outright OC (rather than his current title of co-OC) Texas is still holding out hope they can change his mind once the season is over.

Here lies the problem though. USC is pressuring Harrell to make his decision on their new contract offer ASAP. ‬If you’re Harrell, are you really going to take the chance of USC backing out on an incredible contract offer by waiting around for Texas? If you’re Texas, are you really going to lose out on an up and coming stud OC in Harrell by waiting on Brady, who is most likely going to tell you to kick rocks? Because if that happens and we lose out on both Harrell and Brady, the current shit show at Texas ramps up 10x.

Bottom line, we got 99 problems in Austin and an Offensive Coordinator is DEFINITELY one of them.


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