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The Worst Call In NBA History Happened Last Night

Hand up, I watch a shit ton of NBA basketball. I even have the NBA league pass #nbd but #kbd. And this call with 7:50 left to play in the fourth quarter of last nights Rockets v. Spurs game is by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve witnessed watching basketball. I mean how in the fuck do these refs call a dunk, where the ball clearly goes through the basket, not a basket? Wouldn’t surprise me either to see the refs try to take a page out of the NFL playbook and later claim the ball did not make a basketball move as it went through the net so therefore it’s not a basket.

Now, if the Rockets go on to blow out the Spurs, all of this clearly doesn’t matter. However, that did not happen. After this “blown call” the Spurs went on a heater and eventually tied up the game on a last second shot by Lonnie Walker, who had the best game of his NBA career. Of course though, had Harden’s dunk counted, that last second shot would inconsequential as the Rockets would still win by two points. Instead though, the game goes into double OT with the Spurs winning 135-133.

As a diehard Rockets fan, the call pissed me off but it’s just 1 of a 82 regular season games. Who cares about one regular season loss? We’re playing for a Championship this season, not a regular season win title. HOWEVER, as a degenerate gambler who had the Rockets ML parlayed with Texas +14.5, this call infuriates me. And while some books are refunding money:

Mine of course is not. Shocker.

The one bright side of last night’s game is we got this incredible interaction between Harden and a Spurs fan:


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