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Jerry Jones Was On One This Morning

Less than 12 hours after the National television beatdown the Cowboys took by the Chicago Bears, Jerry called into the team’s official radio home, 103.5 the Fan in Dallas. And it was something.

To tee off the conversation he started with this gem of an answer when asked if he was “embarrassed by the loss”:

“Get your damn act together yourself, okay? Now, we’re gonna have a good visit this morning, but settle down just a little bit. I don’t like your attitude to come in, I’ve been traveling all night and I don’t have the patience to jack with you today.”

Love it! Right off the bat letting the hosts know he’s feeling a little cranky and is not to be fucked with. Although I will say it’s hard to have too much sympathy for Jerry’s overnight travels when his private jet most definitely has a bed and one that is probably 10x more comfortable than my queen size Leesa mattress. But anyways I digress.

Later in the interview when asked about Jason Garrett and making coaching changes, Jones went on to say he can’t publicly talk about specific personnel decisions because of the league’s tampering rules, and that he wouldn’t talk about them truthfully during a radio interview even if he were allowed to do so.

“Do you understand bullshit?” he audibly asked the hosts, then boom, he gets cut off from the radio.

The station’s program director later explained the station has a delay system that prevents callers from swearing on the air. After Jerry swore twice, the system automatically ended the call just as the hosts were asking Jones if he thought the team had quit on Coach Jason Garrett.

Jones later returned to the air and kept it pretty PG the rest of the interview.

“We’ve seen this team play better than this in recent times,” Jones continued…“so you aren’t being totally unrealistic if you expect better play from certain areas of the team. As far as quitting on Jason Garrett, you gotta remember that when you quit on your coach, then you quit on yourself, because we’re all a part of this. … The one that deserves the most responsibility is the one that ultimately makes the decision to put what players out there and put what coach out there. That’s the general manager and, in this case, it happens to be the same man that owns the team, and I completely understand the fans’ frustration with me.”

Jones wrapped up the interview by saying “we all feel like hell” and when asked about how he deals with such stress he said “what I do is I scream in my pillow. That low, low, eerie thing you’re hearing across Dallas? That’s me, screaming in my pillow.”

An incredible line to cap off a hell of an interview. Just when you think old balls Jones may have lost his fastball, he reminds America he’s still got that infamous Jerry Jones flare. He may be senile and wrong, but he’s got passion and I’ll always respect passion.

Speaking of passion:

And yes, while Jerry’s balls may be old, sagging and wrinkly, at least he had them and maned up to face the music on radio this morning. Unlike some Cowboys players:

And we’re still waiting to hear from Jason Garrett on last night’s loss but if these videos are in fact real, it may be quite some time before we hear from Coach: