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Emmanuel Acho We Need To Talk


I’m all for being fashion forward. Making a splash. Pizzazz. Flare. Love it all. But this is not that. This, quite simply, is just a horrendous looking fit. The disgusting Aggie/OU maroon coloring, the black turtle neck, the buttonless Star Trek suit, no socks with velvet shoes and pants so tight he probably woke up without legs this morning. It’s a disaster. And what does the cursive “A” on the suit stand for; Acho, A&M or Asshole?

I wish I could say I was surprised by this ridiculous look. But since retiring, Acho has gone full heel in trying to climb up the ranks at ESPN. To his credit, he’s done a pretty good job at it too, regularly making appearances on shows like ‘Get Up’.

Personally though, I’ve always thought he comes off a little cheesy and tries way too hard to imitate Stephen A. Smith. But I’d say my biggest gripe with Acho and his ride to the top of ESPN, is that he seems to have forgotten his Texas roots.

For example, just weeks before the Texas v. LSU game he went on National television to proclaim LSU was the real DBU and not Texas:

I wrote a blog back when this aired that Acho should be required to turn in his Horns after the take.

But it’s only gotten worse since then. Because now he’s going to award shows dressed like he’s there to accept the award for being A&M’s biggest fanboy. What gives, Acho?

You have the platform to show your blind loyalty and passion for the University of Texas and it’s like you try to avoid doing so at all cost. Like you think showing support to a school will lose you credibility amongst your audience. There’s no way it could possibility lose you more credibility than what you lost wearing this nonsense. So, maybe going forward let’s see more burnt orange suits out of your wardrobe closet and a lot less maroon buttonless suits and bashing of Texas sports.


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  • He is a bully that bullied Rachael on the Bachelor – her costume was not meant to be racial – will never watch him or the show again.

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