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BREAKING: Graham Harrell Turns Down UT’s Offensive Coordinator Offer

I don’t think anyone was too happy with Chris Ash being named the new DC on Sunday and now our clear No. 1 OC candidate just said fuck y’all, I’m staying in Cali? Damn.

There’s no reason to think Harrell choosing USC was due to money either, especially with reports surfacing Texas is willing to drop $2 mill/yr on the next OC. So, then why did Harrell say no? Was Herman not willing to fully hand over the keys to the offense? Or does Harrell simply not believe in Herman and feels he’d be risking a surefire Head Coaching gig down the road by coming aboard a sinking ship in Austin?

Bottom line, our two and only known OC candidates, Graham Harrell and Joe Brady are both officially out. It’s a tough state affairs in Austin right now and not a single clue who Herman goes after next. Probably Joe Burrow?


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