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Tom Herman Hits The Longhorn Network With Double Middle Fingers, But What Does It All Mean?

There’s a couple theories floating around the internet, personally though I think Coach Herman was simply brushing up on his play calls before the Alamo Bowl. Because to me, that’s clearly a signal for a double go route with an emphasis on hitting Brennan Eagles deep. But now that LHN aired it, we’ll have to scratch that play call and maybe even the play all together. Unfortunate.

However, others seem to think Coach Herman was just reviewing the signal for the “Go Fuck Yourself Bitch” play:


I don’t hate this theory but my problem with it is I don’t think they’re still running the play after it went viral last season.

There’s also the camp who believes the double bird had nothing to do with football. I guess the thought process behind that is Coach had a good workout this morning, a couple big name recruits like Hudson Card signed early, he then crushed two sausage, egg and cheese breakfast tacos from Taco Deli and was just really feeling himself, so he decided to have a little fun with the cameras. It is the holidays after all!

I’ve also heard rumblings that Coach flips the double birds every time we flip a recruit. Very interesting theory here and definitely one to keep an eye on as the day progresses and more and more recruits flip to Texas.

Lastly, there is the haters theory. The haters claim Coach is showing his frustration about losing out on Graham Harrell. And that this was a classless act by a Coach who should hold himself to a higher standard. But these haters, as you know, are idiots. Because for starters, we didn’t even want Harrell. And secondly, Herman is a football coach not politician. Middle fingers is day one coaching stuff. It shows passion, leadership, competitiveness. Ok, cool. Hook’em.


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