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Fans Want Sam Ehlinger To Be Named UT’s Next Offensive Coordinator?

When making polls you have to factor in the fact that some people just want to watch the world burn. So, yes, there’s a very small chance this poll may not be entirely accurate. But with that said, I still can’t help but to think the overall consensus seems to be fans want Ehlinger running and calling the plays in 2020.

Personally, I’m all for it. I mean who knows Ehlinger’s strengths and weaknesses better than Ehlinger himself? Also, as a three year starter Ehlinger clearly knows the weapons he’s surrounded by and the best position each one of them needs to be in to succeed. There’s not a single coordinater Texas could bring in off the streets that could know that better than Ehlinger.

Now, some people may scoff at the idea that Ehlinger would be named QB1 and offensive coordinator. I get it. The move would be unprecedented. But just look at this quote from Coach Herman:

Most of those guys are still playing in bowl games.

Well, you know who is playing in the Alamo Bowl game on December 31st at 6:30pm? That’s right, Sam fucking Ehlinger. Is it possible Coach Herman was indirectly talking about Ehlinger when giving this quote? I don’t know, you tell me.

I’ll also say this, what a predictment for the NCAA if Texas did in fact name Ehlinger the OC and he demanded a salary? Could the NCAA really block him from receiving the salary? If not, you got to think an OC salary on top of Ehlinger’s already lucrative gum empire, would make him the richest student athelete/offensive coordinator in college football? Everything coming up Ehlinger!


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