San Antonio Spurs

Rate This Mullet

As a guy who has a girlfriend that not just loves selfies but lives for them, I can relate. I feel for this dude and I respect the beer chug afterwards. Clearly thinking — if I drink my beer immediately after taking this selfie, the selfie didn’t happen.

Unfortunately for him though, the selfie definitely happened and it happened on national TV. He’ll be an internet meme for life. Tough.

But can he really blame his girl? He’s the one who showed up to the game with an incredible retro jacket and hair of a Greek/White trash God. Not her. He should have known better. Because when you roll up to the game looking like a 10, your lady is going to want to flaunt it to her 683 followers on Instagram. It’s 2019, that’s just the way the world works.

Spurs tickets: $250

Mullet haircut: $5

Retro Spurs Jacket: $99

Beer: $7

Getting to take a selfie with your girl mid game: Priceless!