Does A Hole-In-One At Pitch And Putt Still Count?

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While having a 10th hole beer/whiteclaw after a round at Butler, my buddy Kyle hit us with an absolutely preposterous take; hole-in-ones on Par 3 courses aren’t official hole-in-ones.

His original argument was essentially that the holes at Butler or any Par 3 course are too short for you to claim a true hole-in-one. If you have never golfed at Butler, the holes range from 50 to 110 yards.

But here is my issue with that argument. He also went on to say that 100+ is the threshold for a true hole-in-one. Which of course contradicts his original statement. Because like I said earlier, there are holes at Butler and Par 3 courses that are over 100+ yards.

Naturally, Kyle tried to spin the take and claim you can have an official hole-in-one on a Par 3 course, it just depends what hole it is on — if it’s on a hole less than 100 yards it doesn’t count, more than 100 yards it counts.

Obviously, that also is just a ridiculous take. How can you possibly say some holes on a course count and others don’t?

Any time you step up on a tee box and hit the ball, it’s a golf stroke. Doesn’t matter the hole or course.

If it doesn’t count then why would any other stroke on a Par 3 course count? Should we just start shutting down Par 3 courses all together if strokes don’t count on them?

Also, when they play the Par 3 tourney at the Masters, they definitely count those as hole-in-ones:

So, what’s the difference with Butler or any other Par 3 course?

Butler is an official course. They have a clubhouse, parking, serve beer, sell balls and clubs. Shit, they even have a hole-in-one wall:

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So, why wouldn’t a hole-in-one on the course be official?

Bottom line is this: You step on the tee box, hit the ball one time, it goes in the hole. Hole-in-one. Simple as that. No asterisk.

PS: Shoutout to the new management at Butler. The course is in PRISTINE condition.


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