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Sam Ehlinger Is Not Ruling Out Declaring For This Years NFL Draft

Sam is apparently contemplating entering the 2020 NFL draft, forgoing his senior year at Texas. As a fan, this of course would break my burnt orange soul.

But I can’t really blame him. First of all, there’s a lot of uncertainty going into next season with two new coordinators coming in. I think it’s fair for Sam to have his doubts next years team can turn the ship around and be in National Championship contention in just one season with the new staff.

If I’m an agent, I’d be telling Sam to get the hell out of college. He’s good enough to get drafted. He may not be a day one draft pick but he’ll get drafted. Why come back and risk getting hurt playing college ball?

With UT’s offense centered around Sam and him running the ball essentially once every five plays, it’s a miracle he didn’t miss a single game this year with an injury. If he sticks around next season, it’s inevitable he’ll eventually suffer some sort of injury. The idea that he’ll go two full seasons without an injury is highly unlikely. It’s just not logical for him to keep putting himself in harms way of an ACL/shoulder injury that drops his draft stock significantly or even worse, a career ending injury. The risk is not worth the reward aka another appearance at the Valero Alamo Bowl.

Why not get paid as soon as possible and get the clock started on his rookie contract? Because in the NFL, players don’t start making the real, veteran money until they can get through the 3 year rookie contract.

Sam might as well declare for the draft, ride the bench for a couple years learning and developing, get out of his rookie contract while still young and healthy, then start raking in the dough. Even if that’s in a backup role. It just makes too much sense both football and financially for Sam to leave early.

I used to think it was a lock for him to come back for his senior year in order to finish the job. Bring the Championship back home to Austin. But clearly these comments say otherwise and it’s hard to disagree.


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