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Dez Bryant Has Casted His Vote To Become The Next Cowboys Head Coach

Love it. I’m all in on the Dez Era to start the roaring ’20s off. Granted, I know nothing about Dez’s football brain but I do know the guys got passion. And I love passion.

But does Jerry make the call? Is this really what fans could be seeing in 2020?

Could be real dangerous. Personally, I also wouldn’t hate to see Dez as player/head coach:

Because if that were the case, no matter win or lose, at least we’d get to see a ton of Dak to Dez bombs.

In the off chance Jerry decides to go another direction and not to give Dez the call, my other top candidates would be:

Of those 5, Riley, Meyer and McCarthy are likely to be the only ones available. But if Drew Brees were to retire after this season, i.e. Saints win the Super Bowl so he wants to go out on top, I think Payton listens to an offer to come coach the Boys.

As for Romo, he’s obviously been killing it as an analyst. He’s making good money doing it too, CBS is paying him $4 million a year. Does he really want to take on the stress of the head coaching job of the Dallas Cowboys? It’s definitely not going to be paying him more than his current gig. Also, he’s probably not willing to give up his amateur golf career. So, for those reasons Romo’s probably out. A guy can dream though.

Now, I get Mike McCarthy is not exactly the “sexy” hire. Of the 3 realistic coaching options, he’s the candidate that would cause the least amount of media frenzy if hired. But isn’t that what the Cowboys need? Less ridiculous distractions like we had this past season. He’s also been preparing all season for his next Head Coaching job and has an entire staff ready at a whistles notice:

But the biggest reason I want McCarthy is the guys a winner:

Haters will want to point to the fact McCarthy had Aaron Rodgers during his time in Greenbay. That without Rodgers his a mediocre coach at best. But the Cowboys have their own Aaron Rogers. Dak Prescott. Ever heard of him? And at this point in their careers, I’d argue most people would put Dak above Rogers in a power ranking.

When it comes to Lincoln and Urban, both would be pretty polarizing hires. Obviously, Urban brings a lot more baggage though. But like McCarthy, his stats don’t lie. Urban’s been successful at every stop he has ever made. After Oklahoma’s horrendous loss this past Saturday against NFL caliber talent in LSU, I think I’d probably take Urban over Lincoln.

HOWEVER, if all these canidates fail. There’s one last man for the job. He might not be the hero we deserve but he just may be be the hero we need:


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