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The Most Likely Landing Spots For Jason Garrett

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With Jason Garrett officially out as the Cowboys head coach, I have put together a list of what my sources are telling me to be his most likely landing spots. The list is as follow:

1. The new Wendy’s mascot

2. Ed Sheeran’s back-up singer

3. Prince Harry’s body double

4. Lead role of Annie in Annie on Broadway in NYC

5. Carrot Tops opener in his upcoming stand up tour.

6. Shaun White’s strength coach

7. Replacing Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap 2

8. Lucy in the reboot of the classic tv show I Love Lucy

9. Ariel in the Little Mermaid reboot

10. Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns

Stunning. Who would have thought Jason had so many options available to him? Or that he was such a sought after actor? It has to feel good to be Jason, knowing that although your time with the Cowboys is up, you’ll land on your feet very quickly.