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Does This Mean Lincoln Riley Is Officially The Dallas Cowboys Next Head Coach?

Obviously, huge news coming out of the recruiting world to start 2020 off. Out of nowhere, Quarterback Brock Vandagriff announced today he’s decommitting from Oklahoma:

Vandagriff is not just any recruit either, he’s the No. 1 pro-style quarterback and No. 8 overall prospect in the 2021 class.

A Georgia native who currently attends Prince Avenue Christian School, Vandagriff originally committed to play for the Sooners back in June.

When asked why he chose OU, he said a meeting with Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley helped make up his mind: 

“It was deep down, honestly. I felt it, Oklahoma was where I want to go. And the last meeting I had with coach Lincoln Riley, he asked me a question. He said, ‘Where would you feel bad if they said you can’t come here, the spot’s closed?’ Oklahoma was the only one that came to mind. Everything they do there is great. Coach Riley really cares for me. That’s what triggered it.”

Since then, there’s been no indication Vandagriff was having cold feet. Just last month he told Sports Illustrated the only reason he’d consider decommitting from OU would be if Lincoln were no longer the head coach:

Q: What happens if Lincoln Riley leaves Oklahoma for the NFL?

“We’d have to see who they hire, but Kirby and Dan Mullen know that they are number two and three back to back if Lincoln Riley leaves. Because that’s probably why I’m going there, Lincoln Riley himself. You can be a product of the system there and be very successful. But when Kirby came to Prince Avenue last month I told him ‘Look if Lincoln Riley leaves, I’ll probably commit to Georgia the next week.”

Now, just 30 days after making that statement and in the middle of all the speculation that Jason Garrett is out in Dallas, with Lincoln being the prime suspect to take over, Vandagriff decommits to stay closer to home? Get outta here with that nonsense. Vandagriff clearly knows something that we don’t. And that’s Jason Garrett is officially OUT and Lincoln Riley is officially IN.